Places to Hike Camp in the Beautiful State of Arkansas

Arkansas is a Southern state that borders the Mississippi river. This state has many gorgeous rivers and lakes to explore, like the Arkansas River, the White River, and many more. The terrain is a beautiful mix of the highlands, located in the northwest, and the lowlands, in the southeast. The temperature is Arkansas couldn’t be…

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Why Renting a Boat in Croatia Is a Boundless Experience?


Croatian coast makes more than 1,500 islands, islets and rocks as well as numerous coves. The brilliant inlets, the perfect ocean, lovely temperatures, pleasant winds and safeguarded magnificent natural beauty are the flavors of the Croatian Adriatic. Sailing the Croatian Coast by boat Sailing along the Croatian coast appears to be a special experience for…

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What Is The Real Meaning Of A Safari?


Unfortunately, nowadays the word safari has been hacked to an extent that it has lost its true meaning. Today when you hear the word safari you tend to picture multiple jeeps, hordes of people all crowding around one solitary animal and with cameras clicking. Most times you could find it hard to believe that you…

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