How To Book Good And Cheap Hotel in Thailand


On a trip, all we want is to have the best service possible with the best possible hotel in Thailand prices, do you agree? Let’s start with the search of affordable hotel! Using hotel booking websites Nowadays there are several hotel search sites spread out over the net. Each with prices and special offers! To…

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The 30+ Best Places to Visit This Summer

If you have all your RV accessories readily packed for the summer, here are the places you should go to. Botswana You can rumble in the jungle amid elephants, crocodiles and other members of the Big Five in Botswana. Europe The whole of Europe is beautiful in summer. The open roads will especially blow away…

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Why is India the Perfect Yoga Teacher Training Destination?


For decades, people have practiced yoga and focused only on the physical aspects of it but recently people are curious to explore the spiritual aspect as well. Hence, India which is also the birthplace of yoga features as one of the top places to learn, practice and live a yogic life. Yoga teacher training course…

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How to Survive HUGE Airports. Heathrow, JFK and Dubai


Travelling can be stressful. Especially with bad preparation. However! (And here’s a big revelation) if you plan to have enough time you don’t have to be stressed at the airport. From airport parking until you reach your gate, you should accurately measure how much time you realistically need to make your flight. Crazy isn’t it?…

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