Chamonix: Why it’s the best ski resort out there!


A lot of skiers out there will probably know the ski resort Chamonix, France. Why pick Chamonix resort for your skiing experience? Chamonix has its own allure for the hard core and adventurous type of skiers and riders. It’s full of challenging trails that will excite a lot of people out there. It’s been named…

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2016 Vauxhall Combo Review


When it comes to get the payload from point A to point B, Vauxhall Combo Diesel does very well as compared to other vans in its class. Just like an ideal small compact van, the bad credit car leasing van is designed with common rail diesel tech, making it better than its predecessors. Under the…

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Traveling Safely: Your 101 Travel Checklist


Are you traveling overseas? Want to feel safer? Traveling overseas is an exciting yet daunting thing that many people experience when setting out on their adventure. Unfortunately, not every country is like the one you live in and some citizens may target tourist as their next crime victim. If you want to feel safe on…

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Airport Taxi Coventry


Are you in need of Airport Taxi Coventry services? Let us know and enjoy a sophisticated and classy ride at incredibly competitive prices. Our fleet is filled with only executive cars which makes your experience with us unforgettable.  All members of our staff are trained and well dressed. We schedule your pick up and drop…

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Why you should definitely go to Split, Croatia


The tourism in Croatia has developed for a long time without the intake from it larges coastal city. Split has always been a major transit centre (in fact it is one of the largest passenger ports in the Mediterranean), but also a place where passenger would stay for a short time, just enough to travel…

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Fiji Resort Transfers Service for Your Benefit


If this is your first time in Fiji then you should ask, do you really need a rental car? Not necessarily if you are spend most of your time offshore islands. However, the story is completely different when it comes to go on a coast. Either way, you can rely on Fiji Resort Transfers service…

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Jedd Johnson

Jedd Johnson

Jedd Johnson restored my faith in humanity. I met him and his beautiful family while I was in Venice Beach California in 2016.  I just lost my wallet and needed to get back to my air bnb, I must have asked 15 people for $15 for a cab ride, I didn’t even ask him, but…

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Why is travel insurance necessary?


It is your choice to purchase travel insurance or not. Some people think of travel insurance as an unnecessary expense which can be avoided and which adds up your travel cost. However, there are a number of reasons that you must consider travel insurance as an important asset. Avoiding travel insurance on your trip abroad…

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Top Thailand Attractions For Tourists


Thailand is a great destination for tourists and comprises loads of interesting places such as ancient ruins, opulent royal, tropical beaches and ornate temples showing Buddha’s figures. With a number of historical places, you won’t get bored during your trip in Thailand. There’re about 400 temples in the Bangkok alone. When it comes to natural…

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Best Cruise Ports in Turkey


So, finally you have decided to go to Turkey to enjoy your holidays. Well, you have made a good decision as there’s a lot of beauty you could experience there. Straddling Asia and Europe, Turkey has always been a hot spot for tourists. Combining coastal beauty, Awe-inspiring landscapes and historical intrigue, Turkey brings you an…

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