Road and Mountain Bikes: Six Tips for Buying Online

Buying a bike over the internet is not a simple task, since you will not be able to test it, which can make all the difference when choosing any road and mountain bike. So here are some precious tips to help you shop online.


  1. What are your needs?

If you are a regular cyclist, do not start buying extreme sports bicycles; choose one that is compatible with your routine, even to not hinder the performance of your bike. Those that are meant for trails have a different vibe from those that are for walking.

  1. What bike size you need?

Your skinny has to be the size specific to your height, otherwise you run the risk of bending or reaching the ground. Look closely at the size of the board and research with experienced cyclists.

  1. Compare prices

Here’s an old law of commerce: the difference between sites can be great, so it’s worth researching well before you make the purchase. In a quick search it is possible to find the same model with some difference in multiple online stores.

  1. Bikes bought over the internet are delivered disassembled

When your product arrives you will have to assemble it yourself. If you do not know how to do this, you need to take it to a workshop. You also need pay assembling charges.

  1. Choose the site carefully

Give preference to those that already have name in the market and ask for tips for other consumers. If the site is used for bicycle sales, look for all possible information, such as the condition of the parts and ask for photos. Be wary if the bicycle is too cheap.

  1. Demand the invoice

Another general rule that applies here: the invoice is the proof of purchase and offers the necessary guarantee in case of any later problem. Demand and save it.

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