Heading on a Winter Road Trip? Should you Opt for Snow Tires or Studded Tires?

If you’re in the process of planning an epic winter road trip, it’s advisable to fit your car with snow tires or studded tires. To discover the pros and cons of snow tires versus studded tires, simply continue reading.

Snow tires:

  1. The advantages of opting for snow tires:


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  • Snow tires can safely be used on a variety of terrains

Snow tires are comprised of rubber which has been specifically designed to offer superior traction. As a result, should you opt for snow tires, you’ll be able to safely drive on snow and ice covered roads as well as traditional asphalt surfaces. If you want more information about snow tires, click to read this post.

  • Snow tires will make it easier for you to accelerate, decelerate and slow your car to a halt.

Whilst accelerating and decelerating on a snow covered road can be difficult, if you fit snow tires to your vehicle, you’ll have no trouble maneuvering your vehicle in inclement weather conditions.

  1. The disadvantages of opting for snow tires:
  • Snow tires aren’t suited for extreme weather conditions. As an example, you wouldn’t want to use your snow tires in a snow storm or when there is built up snow on the road.

Studded tires:

  1. The advantages of opting for studded tires:


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  • Studded tires can safely be used when there’s a thick layer of snow covering the road. If there’s a lot of fresh snow on the road, you’re far better off opting for studded tires as they provide more traction than traditional snow tires.
  1. The disadvantages of opting for studded tires:
  • Studded tires should not be used on traditional surfaces such as asphalt.

Studded tires should only be used to drive on snow or ice. As a result unless your planning on spending your entire road trip navigating snowy mountain roads, you’re probably better off opting for snow tires as snow tires can handle a variety of road conditions.

So if you’re planning a winter road trip, your best bet is to opt for snow tires over studded tires as they are far more versatile.

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