Why DeLonghi Espresso Machine Is So Popular With Barista’s

Espresso and coffee lovers cannot stop consuming these coffee beverages, and for that they have to go to the coffee shop every day in the morning and after work or whenever they feel like. The only thing that bothers them is going to the coffee shop thrice a day or so for these coffee beverages. Sometimes they have to kill their desire of having these beverages. No worries, De’Longhi has always fulfilled its promise and invented something new according to the requirements of its consumers. Our mission has always been to provide our readers with everything they are looking for. This article is for those who want to keep espresso machine at their homes, so that they can consume their own espresso or coffee at home whenever they want.

Delonghi espresso machine

EC155 Espresso Machine

EC155 espresso machine is the model of De’Longhi brand. This brand is well known brand in the market for making best household or commercial espresso machines. EC155 espresso machine is a compact, sleek and beautiful home appliance. This espresso machine is an automatic machine and convenient for the beginners. The best thing about this EC155 is that you can make two kinds of beverages espresso and a cappuccino. De’Longhi brands main purpose is to make best espresso machines for its clients with affordable prices and this model of De’Longhi have proved it since its price is really affordable. One thing more we want to tell you about it that like we have mentioned it before that it’s a compact espresso machine and if you want to buy a big espresso machine this is not for you. Here’s the manufacturer.

Features of EC155 Espresso Machine

EC155 espresso machine is ideal for new comers who just little know about making espresso since it is automatic espresso machine any one can make espresso easily without much effort. When you buy this espresso machine make sure don’t forget to check manual. Let’s come to the features of EC1555 espresso machines. Like other espresso machines this Delonghi espresso machine unit comes fitted out with steam wand, which within no time steam milk. The features of this espresso machine are displayed on the front including thermostat which shows the temperature of espresso. The pressure pump of this espresso machine is very high and helps to make consistent espresso with crema. EC155 espresso machine deck out with removable drip tray and can be easily cleaned.

Pros of EC155 Espresso Machine

  1. It’s compact, sleek and stainless steel espresso machine, that does not take much space.
  2. Price is affordable
  3. The purpose of high pressure pumps is to brew consistent quality coffee
  4. Its drip tray is removable and can be cleaned easily
  5. This is an automatic machine and very good and convenient for beginners
  6. You can make both the beverages espresso and cappuccino

Cons of EC155 Espresso Machine

  1. This is not a high end model of De’Longhi brands so lifespan can be affected
  2. Makes only 1 or 2 shots at a time
  3. You cannot use large cup for brewing coffee

Bottom Line

De’Longhi brand is one of the well known brand manufacturing coffee makers and espresso machine. EC155 espresso machine is the model of De’Longhi brands. There are a lot of espresso machines available in the market but De’Longhi comes in the list of famous brands. De,Longhi has introduced plenty of models for household and commercial uses. EC155 espresso machine comes with affordable price and can be obtained by everyone easily. We always write articles for our readers to help them what they are looking for in a best way. In this article I have mentioned everything about EC155 espresso machine with the best possibility. Whenever you buy any new product always read its manual properly. Weather EC155 espresso machine has best features but may be it does not have those which you want in your espresso machine. So always check the features of espresso machines very carefully. Good Luck!

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