Tips To Select Best Family SUV

We generally buy valuable assets for our family. One of these assets is a car, which undoubtedly becomes an essential part of the family in no time. A car is a multi-tasker that is needed for the convenience of transportation and travelling. Though it is very easy to buy a car but selecting the best car for your family is a real difficult job. There are many features to consider when choosing the best car. It will be difficult to transport large dogs, heavy stuffs like different equipments, elderly parents and children in a small car. So, you have to make sure that you buy the best car for your family. Visit for more details about family SUVs. Here is a list of tips given below to help you buying the best family SUV.


Hatchback vs. saloon

Though saloon cars look bigger because of its tailgate and load space in the boot, but in reality it is not so spacious. It has high boat lips and narrow openings. Hatchbacks are larger cars that can easily transport bulky items. It is a full sized estate car with large space.

Wide-opening doors

You will be given two choices – 5 doors or 3 doors when selecting SUV for your family. Buy a car that has wide open backdoors, so that a child car seat can easily be installed. It is mostly important for those who are more than six feet tall.

Stadium seating

Select a car with white rear door and raised rear seating. The rear seats that are set higher than the other front seats are called stadium seating. This feature is found in SUVs/4x4s and MPVs. This helps you to install child car seats. It also helps to reduce travel sickness in children.

You may need an MPV

A larger SUV or a people carrier is needed if you have three young children. Every child will want to sit on the child car seat. If you are travelling with seven persons, five seater cars with two fold-up sets is best suitable for you and your family.

Can you switch off the passenger airbag?

You have to deactivate the front airbag in order to install a rear facing child seat. So, you should buy a car that can offer this feature. It is not recommended to fit a child seat in the front, but if the requirement arises you can switch off the airbag all by yourself.

Isofix is easier

Clip-in Isofix mounting points make the process of fitting safer, faster and simpler. Make sure that you can easily access these mounting points. These points also help you to take your child car seat when travelling.

Check Euro NCAP safety ratings

It is very necessary to check the Euro NCAP for each car purchase. It will ensure child protection and crash safety. It can be found on the website of Euro NCAP.

Good storage

Buy a car with enough storage space so that you can accommodate not only your family members, but their essential stuffs as well. Never go for underfloor storage comparts while buying cars. This feature is not required for a family SUV.

Sliding seats

Cars with sliding rear seats are of best SUV kinds. They can be pushed or slided to make more rooms for your family members. You can also slide the seats to bring your children towards the front seats.

Child-friendly features

Child-friendly features like UV-filtering tinted rear windows or integrated sunblinds are offered buy some SUVs to protect your children from excessive sunrays.

Thus, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind when selecting a SUV so that you can buy the best SUV for your family.

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