5 Tips to Hire a Staffing Agency

The idea of hiring a Staffing Agency to recruit some great talent is pretty attractive. But the probability of it being a success depends on the agency itself. To make sure you don’t hire the wrong recruitment agency, follow these tips!


Specific Industry

The Staffing Agency are very general and they understand specific industries. A good agency always gives you real insight about your business sand they know how to identify suitable candidates. A trusted agency is always specific about its industry and what it provides.

Catering a Wide Array

Candidates who show up for vacancy can get employment after a while, maybe from a competing agency. A reliable agency keeps it from happening as it searches for the best candidates and offers them a wide array of prolific opportunities. It never picks the scrap from online job boards.

Screening Process

A Reputed Staffing Agency takes the time to pre-screen the best candidates. It will never leave you with a bulk of CVs and let you pick out. No, an ideal agency will only introduce you to ideal candidates that are a perfect fit for the position.

Registered and Qualified

Don’t haste when choosing an agency, look for their registration with your local Recruitment and Employment Confederation. This will give you enough supportive data and a detailed report of company’s working status. It will help you filter the good from bad ones. Plus, the confederation is something you won’t have any trust issues with.

Another benefit of dealing with the Confederation is they will give you a detailed report about ethical standards of company based on how they performed with their compliance to the local employment law.


If the Staffing Agency is not giving any guarantees, it’s a red flag. This simply shows that they are not confident about finding the right candidate.

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