How to Survive HUGE Airports. Heathrow, JFK and Dubai

Travelling can be stressful. Especially with bad preparation. However! (And here’s a big revelation) if you plan to have enough time you don’t have to be stressed at the airport. From airport parking until you reach your gate, you should accurately measure how much time you realistically need to make your flight.

Crazy isn’t it? To think that you may be able to avoid becoming all flustered while you run to the terminal.


Well it can be done. In fact, it’s necessary to give yourself plenty of time to navigate an airport. This is incredibly important if you’re flying from large airports such as London or Dubai.

These terminals really are enormous. It can become all too easy to get overwhelmed. Here are five ways that you can reduce airport stress and live to see another airport:

  • Know where you are

Almost all airport terminals will have a public pay to help you find your way around. Know where you are in that moment and know where you have to be. If for any reason you can’t locate a map, simply ask airport staff to help you find your gate.

  • Be strategic with where you wait

While it may be tempting to perch yourself in a quiet corner where nobody is bothering you, you may run the risk of missing your flight. Be sure that you have an eye on your gate or at least an eye on your watch to make sure you don’t miss any important announcements.

  • Dress Warmly

Large airports are extremely air conditioned. Sometimes overly so. Ensure that you have a sweater in your carry-on so you don’t end up shivering onto the plane.

  • Give yourself time

This one is the basis of surviving any airport, anywhere in the world. You need to make sure you have enough time to get where you need to go. Making your way through security and finding your gate takes time. It may take longer than you expect. It may take longer than it ever has. Ensure you have plenty of time. Having to wait a while is a better alternative than having to sprint for your flight.

  • Take advantage of amenities provided to you

You’re going to feel a lot more relaxed if you’re comfortable. There’s no need to hold your bladder or not eat while at the airport. Taking advantage of what’s available will help you get through the trip a lot easier. Some airports even have full showers available for you to use.

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