Tips for Choosing the Best Hookah for You

Do you know how to choose the best Hookah Vancouver for you? It can be a difficult and tiring task, but following a few tips will be faster and easier than you can imagine.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Hookah for You


One of the most important points when choosing the best hookah for you is the size of the equipment. And that goes a long way to meet your needs, you know?

For example, it may not make sense to buy a large hookah if you are the only one who will use it. In this situation, opt for an individual hookah: so you have more money to invest in good Hookah accessories Vancouver and make your experience even better. A good example of a small hookah is MOB Hookah Vancouver, which, in addition to its beautiful design, comes with a carrying cage.


Now if you are looking for a hookah to use with family or friends, the ideal would be a medium or large one – it all depends on how many people you are thinking of inviting to the session. A nice example of a medium hookah is Mya’s X-Function line which, through the double down-stem system, eliminates all trapped gases in the vessel, which prevents any kind of discomfort.

If you would like to know more about the ideal hookah size for your need, just access our website. There we explain everything!

Beauty and durability

Also going against size, it is important to note that small sized hookahs are generally more fragile. Therefore, it is a factor that you need to consider and take into account before making your purchase.

And while there are many models and styles (a very important factor that you should evaluate well, following your personal taste), it is vital that you look for a hookah with good strength and durability.

After all, it’s an investment, right? The feedback must also be good.

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