Top Latest Gadgets 2016

In this world of innovation, everything is getting upgraded to meet the modern day requirements. We see different inventions being made every day, thanks to the advancement of science and technology.  Bearing this in mind, we are up with a blog post featuring the latest gadgets of 2016 that you may want to take a second look at. Let’s find out what attracts you the most;



If you’re a regular traveler and want to get posted with the exact weather conditions, look no further than Oombrella, a kind of smart umbrella designed to bring you all the info regarding weather. It tells you the exact weather conditions and reminds you whether you should take it with yourself or not. It can also be used as an essential travel gadget or accessory during your outdoor trips.

Pregnancy Pro

All those women wanting to keep tabs on their body to stay fit and healthy, this is the right gadget for you. Not only does it let you know about pregnancy sooner, but also provides you with other necessary information in detail. It can sync with your mobile device and gives access to the an application offering brief information for the next nine month.

Pocket VR

As its name suggests, it’s a pocket-sized VR box designed to take the virtual reality to the next level. It’s portable design offers ultimate mobility you can’t find with any other VR box. It turns your mobile device into a complete virtual reality box without spending high.

Withings Thermo

Are you conscious about your health and want to know more about the latest health gadgets? Withings Thermo is the latest gadget that keeps a good track of your temperature quite efficiently.

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