Things to Do Before You Start Teaching English in China

Planning to start teaching English in China? Don’t know what you need to do before starting your career as a teacher in China? You’ve landed in the right place. Making the final decision to teach English in China is just the first step, and there’re many other things you need to do to turn it into reality. Let’s find out what you need to do before starting teaching in China;

teach English in China

Get the required certifications

In order to start working as a certified English teacher in China, you will need a TEFL certificate alongside a 4-year college degree. Although it’s possible to teach illegally in China, the government is very keen to take serious actions against those working illegally. It’s highly recommended that you find a legal way to start your career as an English teacher in China. It will surely help you secure a better position with a decent salary. So, be sure to get all the important certifications required to work as an English Teacher in China.

Find a job

After getting your TEFL certificate, the next step is to look for a relevant job that best meets your criteria. There’re plenty of websites available on internet that can help you find the best teacher jobs in China. You can also visit China to secure the best position and make connections on the ground. It will surely go a long way toward helping you find a decent teacher job in China. 

Consider everything involved

It involves everything from accommodation to facilities you’ll be provided by your employer in China. Look for those positions that best suit your requirements. It’s highly recommended that you choose an employer who offers free accommodation and plane ticket. 

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