How To Tip A Taxi Driver?

Whenever you’re travelling through taxi, either in abroad or locally, the first question raise in your mind that how to tip a taxi driver? It’s depend on your pocket and bill of your travelling through cab. If you annoy with tip of driver, then think for a while, it’s not a big deal to add some extra money in your bill for rewarding of safe travelling. According to the report of NYC cabbie, every taxi driver earns the one-fourth income from their tips. So you can enhance their income through your tipping. No matter it’s very simple to give tip to taxi driver. Just follow the following instructions:


  • When you hire a taxi, first of all tell them your destination and confirm the bill. Some taxi driver is much expert that they know every route very well without your instructionsand also know how to get rid of the traffic. If you meet with one of them, remember that ones deserves your tip more.
  • After arrive at your destination, asks for the bill ( if you’re not confirm the amount first). You can add some money in bill to by saying that keep the change. For example if total amount of bill is $17 then give them $20. It’s a good way to giving them tip without admonish.
  • The second and most famous method is giving a tip according to percentage of real amount. Mostly people give 15% tip to driver. But best tip of 20% includes in generosity. Some person give less than 10%. It’s all depends on your pocket and need. But don’t give them less than a dollar, remember that they’re not a beggar, they’re doing respectable job so give them what they deserve.
  • After leaving the cab, show gratitude by saying them “thank you” or “have a good day” with smiling face. It doesn’t take any worth from you but can make their day.

About Author:

Juanita Strang has decided to take a break from the rat race and travel for two years. She is an avid traveler, but first she had to earn enough money to fund her adventure. She was born in America but now lives in Australia with her husband. Together they have three children who are all growing up fast!