How To Deal With Crazy Cab Driver?

No matter, where you are and where you are travelling. Everywhere in the world, you can meet with crazy cab driver who can ruin your day. It can happened in two conditions, first if you’re travelling in abroad. And second if you’re drunk and travelling at night. These both conditions are harmful for you, when you meet with crazy cab driver. But question is that how to deal with crazy cab driver? You can derive out from this situation very easily. First of all just avoid crazy of cab driverby follow these easy tips while having a ride by cab:


  • You should first see your cab driver before hire him. Just say hi or ask for his name.
  • It should better he knows your language very well, it’s easy to deal with familiar language than others.
  • Some cab driver makes issue about fare amount. So you must confirm and deal with the fare charges before hire a taxi. May be he will pester you for fare amount. It’s good to go on metered price.
  • you should also observe that either taxi driver is drunk or not. If you feel, he is drunk, just leave him and look for another.
  • You should also confirm your destination from taxi driver. Either he knows this place or not. If he doesn’t know, then hire another one.

    After follow these cautions, you’ll be safe during cab ride. But if you’re still meet with crazy driver then you can follow these instructions for dealing with him;

  • Make sure, you have GPS to locate your destination. If you have, then pull out and use it. Don’t trust on cab driver.
  • Try to become polite with driver. If he is giving you abuse or shouting at you. Just avoid and try to cool down your mind. Otherwise there will be great fight which can harm you and waste your time.
  • If he is unknown of your language, try to make understand them through your gesture or posture. You can use your fingers.
  • If he is pester you for charges, then give them a tip and remember that your time is more precious than money. Avoid bargaining with that type of person.

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