How to Maintain Your Meditation Practice While Traveling

In as much as traveling might be a hobby to some people, it can be exhausting at some point. This happens mostly if you have limited resting time in the course of your travel. For that matter, it becomes challenging to combine traveling with your normal meditation schedule. Nonetheless, if you pull the right strings, you can be sure of meditating even as you are en route. Here are some insights to help you manage your meditation practice while you travel.


Re-create your normal meditation space

One of the ways of making your meditation practice easier on the go is when you create a normal surrounding for your body. This implies that you ought to use the same supplies just to familiarize the mood. If you have a favorite pillow that you use to meditate, carry it with you. It’s a good idea to choose a meditation chair that is portable so you can travel with the same chair you use at home. Also, you can play the same music with your noise cancellation headphones, which should help your mind to relax as usual. If you meditate while burning scented candles, you might want to carry them as well.

The point here is to maintain the things you do and your normal environment to help your body and mind relax. Minimizing changes to your normal meditation space reduces distractions. This way, it will be less difficult to concentrate as you meditate.

Change the time you meditate

As you travel, the environment and the time will both change. This happens mostly if you are on a long journey. It could happen that the time zone varies from your hometown. Even though the accessories and mood should be maintained, the time for meditation can be adjusted.

So if you are used to meditating early in the morning after you get off the bed, you can try meditating late at night before you retire to bed. Also, you might be free during the day, so it would be a great idea to try meditating late in the afternoon. It is scientifically proven that meditation offers rest that is comparable to sleep.

Use smaller blocks of time to fit your schedule

Another way of meditating with fewer challenges when you travel is when you utilize and maximize the available time. If you are on the plane heading to your destination, just lay back and meditate in silence. Maximizing the available time to meditate will help relax your body and mind, especially if you have a hectic trip.

If you are on an airplane, you can utilize this chance to have your personal time in peace. You can use as much flight time as you want to meditate. Don’t forget to carry your favorite supplies like the pillow and music player.

The best way to do this is by going through the itinerary in advance, and specifying when you will be free. Even if you are free for only ten minutes, don’t let it go when you are idle. Using the smaller blocks of time will help you have enough meditation time over the course of the trip. Meditation can also help you sleep on the plane if you so desire.

Make use of downtime

Have you ever realized that a lot of time is wasted during your downtime? The downtime here refers to the time taken when waiting for your flight, bus, or cab. Sometimes you can end up waiting for more than thirty minutes at the airport.

So instead of reading the entertainment magazines or playing your favorite game on your smartphone, use this period to meditate. It will help you relax your mind and body during your travel. When meditating as you wait for your flight or cab, try to choose a silent place that doesn’t have a lot of distractions.


For you to have a successful meditation, you must ensure that you make the environment as silent and comfortable as possible. Maintaining the mood is a top factor to consider as you do so. Above all, ensure that you don’t let a day go without you meditating. Skipping days could be challenging if you were to try meditating again.

You can also blend your meditation with some gratitude to boost your overall mood at the end of the day. Set objectives to do something good for a loved one, or give food to a homeless guy. A combination of the two will make you feel good in the end.

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