The 30+ Best Places to Visit This Summer

Screenshot_1If you have all your RV accessories readily packed for the summer, here are the places you should go to.


You can rumble in the jungle amid elephants, crocodiles and other members of the Big Five in Botswana.


The whole of Europe is beautiful in summer. The open roads will especially blow away your mind.


Here, you can behold the majestic tigers and other beautiful animals in nature.

Coast of California

On the coast of California are golden beaches and sprawling sands all for you.

Bra? Island, Croatia

From the views to the beaches to the lovely yoga classes, you never have enough of this mystic island.

Adirondack Mountains

If you fancy mountainous thrills, nothing beats the fun in the Adirondack Mountains.

Old West, USA

You can be sure to enjoy the days of the Wild West when you visit the Old West in the USA.


The capital of Turkey has enough fun for fun seeker in you especially in terms of Islamic art and culture.

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Enjoy the world’s longest coastal drive in Ireland while soaking in the wild beauty all around.

Northern Argentina

The land here is filled with beautiful wetlands and many wild animals to behold.

The Arctic

The Arctic is a marvel that, sadly, won’t be there forever so be there and tell of it.


Enjoy the color, the culture and the fun in this country especially now with a very favorable currency exchange rate.

Folegandros, Greece

Relive the Greek mythology in this location with great foods on the menu.

Lake Iseo, Italy

If you can make it to this lake on the 18th of June, you will be in for a lovely surprise like no other.

St. Barts

A great site to behold no matter the season.

Spanish Pyrenees

You can enjoy many activities here from the rugged mountain side to the beautiful lake all around.


If you think Dubai has too much to take in while there, how about some time in the tranquil Oman?


In Ethiopia, the fun in the Simein Mountains is all yours to enjoy.


Reading about the Cuban capital is not even half as lovely as the actual experience to this art-filled location.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh National Museum will soon receive a revamp that the artist in you would definitely appreciate.

Etna, Sicily

The famous highland is the next frontier in winemaking and everything wine.

New Zealand

You can visit the land of the kiwi and have a taste of the unique dishes and wines.

The Canary Islands

The wines from this location are some of the most unique from all across the globe.


Wine lovers will definitely love a taste of the wines from this location as they literally grow in the ocean.

Kaplankaya, Turkey

How about a nice hotel overlooking the open seas for your summer. That’s exactly way you get once you land in Kaplankaya, Turkey.

Franschhoek, South Africa

This South African location has a wine field, spa and other experiences wrapped in one bundle.

Indianapolis, Indiana

When in Indiana, pay Indianapolis a visit to enjoy the foods the city has on offer.


Anywhere in this paradise will be enough to give you a most memorable summer experience.

Fort Bragg, California

The mornings here are magical especially when the fog walks the land close to the waters.

Camden, Maine

If you want some great seafood and a ride or several on windjammers, Camden is the place to be.

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Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.


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