5 Ways How to Travel in Style with Only Hand Luggage

Travelling is always entertaining and enjoyable but at the same time, it can be extremely messy with loads of luggage. This not only makes travelling hectic, but also exhausting. So here is a list of 5 ways how to travel in style with only hand luggage.

Always roll your clothes, instead of folding:

While you are packing for a journey try packing in roll style and not fold. Rolling tends to occupy half the space in comparison to the latter. Always start packing with items that don’t need ironing or those like inners and nightwear. Do roll in a proper manner otherwise, the clothes might mix into each other and lose their tenacity. Do no overfill the baggage otherwise you will completely mingle everything which will result in you finding nothing at the end. Try turning clothes inside out which would will not them get crushed. Wear those clothes that might not need much washing like jackets or woolens etc. Stuff sleeves with socks and put chargers in pockets of coats or pants.

Book taxi in advance

In addition to this, you can make your travel even comfortable. Before travelling get hold of the city transport facility and if available download the app of the local minicab service providers. This helps you save time and also while you check out the cab is ready so you save yourselves another half hour of waiting. All major cab providers operate online and having a carte of these applications is sure an advantage. They guarantee you service and also save time and money which are the most important during a travel.


Keep minimum clothing:

This is another way to move around in style. Carry minimum clothing only the essentials. Carry convertible jackets, woolens, and top layers. While the inners can be washed and dried on a daily basis so two or three pairs would be sufficient. Try and keep multipurpose footwear for the loo and moving about the city. Buy use and throw stuff like tooth brush, toiletries etc. Shave can be done at a local saloon. Even cheap clothing like disposable shirts can be bought locally and then disposed of without having to carry them back. Though this method needs great planning and pre hand information but it’s sure to keep you light all along your journey.

Carry only the essentials:

It’s always tempting to pack a lot of things because we tend to think that if we don’t get this or that there what would we do. The matter of fact is the world is now global and all international airports have shops from where all things can be purchased. Try and avoid carrying bulky items like laptops and big cameras as much as possible. Use local computer cafes for communicating with the world. Try click through our phone as there is always Photoshop to deal with them later. This has an added advantage of letting you focus more on the journey and enjoy it rather than keeping yourself engaged with gadgets. This helps manage your luggage and makes the whole trip a lot smoother.

Choose the right case for yourself :

The one mistake that people generally tend to do is choosing a bulky and heavy suitcase which they think would be solid enough to handle the load. However it’s not always the case. A bulky suitcase need not be precise or protective instead a light weight good material regular case does the job far better. Choose a flexible case that has provisions for lots of space making. Every inch should be usable including the base and the top of it. The trolley should be light yet firm and should be well greased for easy in and out wherever needed. The case should have provisions for zippers to store small stuff which cannot be pocketed. Along with this packing should be done to balance the weight which most people often miss and then complain about the lack of space.

Use travel cubes :

This is a recently new phenomenon of the packing world. These are plastic cubes where you can place your stuff and press them down as much as possible. Using a vacuum pressure gun all air is sucked out which flattens the contents further making space for just another pant or shirt. This way you can pack an extra bit of clothing you wanted to take along without having to bear the additional weight of carrying the air along with you.

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