My Wonderful Journey to the Canary Islands – Recounting My Memories

Set in the Atlantic off the African drift, the Canary Islands are evenhandedly mainstream with those looking for year-round daylight and beautiful beaches. The lovely sandy shorelines, both in the day and night, are perfect for family holidays and there are a lot of exercises to speak to all ages. Every island has its own exceptional appeal, so whether you are searching for water dons, a vivacious nightlife, and miles of unfilled sandy shorelines or bumpy scenes, there is a Canary Island that is simply ideal for you.


Different Things I enjoyed in the Canary Islands

The Canaries is not a destination, I had ever considered going to before, but now it has become one of the best experiences of my life. Here’s the reason!

This group of islands is said to have the best atmosphere on the planet with a year round spring – not the spring we’ve recently had here in India yet the one we would have longed for!

Besides, it is under four hours flight time from London and in the same time zone, so stream slack isn’t an issue. There’s a plenitude of awesome view that is great for trekking through, transcendent sandy shorelines, purplish blue waters and a conventional food that is an inconspicuous blend of Spanish, Portuguese and North African with the freshest of fish, divine nearby cheeses and honor winning wines.

The island additionally brags a vivid social legacy. What more might you be able to request yet in the event that you could just visit one island which would you pick?

I didn’t understand exactly how lovely and fluctuated the Canary Islands are.

El Hierro


The smallest and most southerly of the islands, El Hierro, has a brilliant assortment of scenes from infertile yet glorious volcanic cavities and magma handle that stream into the bluest of oceans to tough green glades with the turned Sabinar trees and Canarian pine woodlands, all with an amazing differing qualities of vegetation and untouched by mass tourism or industry.

La Palma


La Palma has vineyards and plantations, rough pine-clad gorges, rich green valleys and in addition Martian-like magma fields. Home to the Gran Telescopio Canarias observatory, it is likewise the primary Starlight Reserve on the planet with laws controlling lighting out in the open spots and night sky seeing focuses are right now being fabricated all around the island.

La Gomera


Another island of stunning magnificence, La Gomera, has tropical mountain backwoods and rich green valleys confounded with trekking trails, banana forests and white-washed towns.

La Gomera scene is excellent and entirely differed, with mountains, rainforests, precipices and confined shorelines. Its tourism is less created than on the bigger islands and the island is appropriate to those trying to get away from the hurrying around of urban life.



The biggest of the islands, Tenerife, is understood for its bundle holidays yet quite a bit of island stays untouched as the number of tourists visiting the place are less. Nearly half of the island is under the insurance of the Red Canaria de Espacios Naturales Protegidos (Canary Islands Network for Protected Natural Areas).

Tenerife is the biggest of the Canary Islands and has all the tourist offices required for your family. Tenerife is guarded by Mount Teide, the most elevated mountain in Spain, and in the Parque Nacional Las Canadas del Teide you can appreciate unusual volcanic rock developments. There are numerous luxury travel destinations, strolling and mountain spinning trails through the recreation center. A standout amongst the most well known guest attractions is Loro Parque, with its astonishing gathering of tropical winged creatures. Seaward, you can take a pontoon trip to see pilot whales and dolphins.

Positioned as the no.1 fascination on Tripadvisor, a visit to Teide National Park is a flat out must. Here, you can climb amongst the unordinary volcanic rock developments, taking in the astounding landscape around you. The middle purpose of the national park is the noteworthy Mount Teide, which is a dynamic well of lava furthermore the most elevated top in the entire of Spain.

In the event that Teide National Park is your kind of thing, then you’ll additionally love Tenerife’s Masca Valley, where you truly get the chance to see nature with the closest view. Appreciate fantastic strolls encompassed by a noteworthy background in this dazzling, sloping range around the town of Masca.

You lean toward activity stuffed fun and making a sprinkle whilst chilling from the warm, Tenerife sun, the island offers a great decision of amusement stops that the entire family will love. Siam Park is a Thai themed water park which has officially settled itself as one of the best on the planet. You can decide to lay back and unwind on the apathetic stream or get a quick paced adrenaline hit on any of the other 28 rides the recreation center brings to the table.

And after that, obviously, there is the phenomenal Loro Parque – an intriguing heaven home to several tropical and imperiled species. The key attractions at the recreation center are the many perfectly shaded parrots and in addition the mind boggling indicates put on by the dolphins and orcas. For anyone going by Tenerife, it is an affair not to be missed.

My Submarine Dive


I’ll let it be known: my creative energy went somewhat into overdrive when I was welcome to travel to the base of the sea in a submarine off the shore of Gran Canaria. Scenes of surreptitious operations with submariners, as we floated through dim waters off the coastlines of Africa, many meters underneath ocean level, flashed through my psyche. Maybe there would even be commando suits?

Pushing pa

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