Traveling Safely: Your 101 Travel Checklist

Are you traveling overseas? Want to feel safer? Traveling overseas is an exciting yet daunting thing that many people experience when setting out on their adventure. Unfortunately, not every country is like the one you live in and some citizens may target tourist as their next crime victim. If you want to feel safe on your next trip, the following is a safety travel checklist that will make you feel safe while traveling.


Safety Travel Tips 101

  • Avoid traveling at night.
  • Don’t hitch hike.
  • Keep your travel details, plans and accommodation to yourself.
  • Avoid downtrodden areas of the city you’re visiting, especially during the night.
  • Ask your hotel manager about safe areas in your local city.
  • Visit areas where you see women and children as these tend to be safer areas.
  • Carry your embassy contact details with you at all time.
  • Keep photocopies of your passport and other documents safe at all times.
  • Use ATMs throughout the day where there are a lot of people.
  • Try to use traveller’s cheques and credit cards instead of cash.
  • If you’re mugged, try to avoid fighting as you may become seriously injured in the fight. It’s best to lose a little bit of cash than to spend more money on a serious injury.
  • Avoid civil disturbances, fights, or protests where possible.

Transport Safety Tips

  • Watch for your suitcase as the carousel turns. Don’t wait until everyone is gone or you may find your suitcase will disappear.
  • Avoid changing the currency of your money at the airport. Always do it before you leave.
  • Ask your hotel manager about public transport options in your local area and what the official transport looks like.
  • When driving keep all car doors locked at all times as car-jacking is a serious problem in some parts of the world. Make sure the boot is locked as well.
  • Never share a taxi with a stranger.

Hotel Safety Tips

  • Select hotels like Hotel Misano that offer swipe cards instead of room number keys as this will deter thieves from breaking into your room.
  • Always take note of emergency exits, emergency plans and fire escape routes.
  • Always lock your doors of a night before you go to bed.
  • When meeting someone always meet in the lobby and not at your room, especially if you haven’t met them before.

How to Act In Public

  • Walk like you have a purpose even if you don’t know where you’re going.
  • Try to match the clothing style of the locals so you don’t stand out. A ‘loud’ outfit screams to thieves “tourist”.
  • When reading a map, be discreet.
  • Always be alert of the people around you. Take note of someone who may be taking more notice of you when passing by.
  • Don’t wear expensive jewellery.
  • Consider having a dummy/fake wallet on you to steal.
  • Wear valuables in a money belt that’s tight against your skin.

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Beware Of Scams

  • Be aware of those around you when having a drink. Some people may slip a sedative in your drink when you’re not looking.
  • Don’t hand over cash to police officers who ask to check your money for counterfeit bills.
  • Don’t go with someone who randomly says they’re a tour guide.


When it comes to staying safe when traveling it’s all about being alert. By following these safety travel tips above you can easily make your trip much safer. Do you feel safer now?

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