2016 Vauxhall Combo Review

When it comes to get the payload from point A to point B, Vauxhall Combo Diesel does very well as compared to other vans in its class. Just like an ideal small compact van, the bad credit car leasing van is designed with common rail diesel tech, making it better than its predecessors.


Under the Hood

It comes with a 1.7 CDTi 16v diesel engine which is quite powerful for its size.  This powerhouse churns out 1000hp Horsepower and 240nm Torque, at revs of 2300. With these specs, the little beasts can shit 666 payload with fuel consumption of 53 miles per gallon. Moreover, this little beasty is all compliant with Euro4 emission regulation.

What makes it Different?

The bad credit car leasing van can be low end torque behind the wheel, specifically when negotiating cut and thrust of city streets. When it comes to high revs, the van flies along while keeping pace with traffic and moving the capacity payload with ease. The best part is, same can be said when it comes to crawl among traffic.

Yes, there is a reassurance in knowing the engine does a good job, even at low speeds. The 5 speed gearbox and power steering make pilots this van into and from tight space without effort. The combo has kerb to kerb turning circle of 10.7, which is somewhat impressive for its specs.

What Else You Need to know

Loading this van is spoilt for choice. It has two rear doors which are supported by sliding doors on both end. Plus, there is no need to climb in the van, as it offers length of 980mm, height of 1170mm and width of 1350mm. Moreover, this van stands 584mm from floor therefore the heavy loads shouldn’t be bulky to lift in the vane, especially when it comes to two sliding side doors.

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