Rented Car, Taxi or Uber: What is the Best Option?

Scheduling a trip for Brisbane to Surfers Paradise airport transfers involves a number of important details that need to be looked at calmly, even to avoid budget problems. After all, nobody wants to travel and return with debts that cannot pay, right?

One of the things that should be done before leaving home is to research the most advantageous way to get around to your destination. But what is more worth? Rented car, taxi or Uber? See below.

Brisbane to Surfers Paradise airport transfers


Uber has become a widely used option for urban displacement. Especially for those who do not know the way very well, there is the advantage that the shortest route is shown by the application, preventing you from having problems with bad drivers trying to drive the long way. The fare used by the application is, in fact, cheaper than taxi.


The taxi is the most common option used in travel, since it is present in every city in the country. The service is controlled by the municipalities and goes through review control, which also ensures that you will use a secure service.

However, there is the disadvantage that you cannot follow the shortest route unless you turn on the GPS, confronting the driver in case of inconsistencies.

Rent a car

If you add up the values of all the trips made during the trip, both by Uber and by taxi, you may be surprised by the amount, disguised by the spaced use of the service.

Renting a car is a more advantageous option for those intending to move between cities and also for those who need to drive around the city. The daily value of the vehicle plus the fuel may, at the end of the day, be lower than the values you would have paid using one of the above options, mainly using economical cars.

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