Top 3 Best Treks in the World to Put on Your Bucket List

Want to explore the world’s best trekking routes? Don’t know where you should go for trekking in coming holidays? No fuss, we’ve got you covered. We have made a list of world’s top best trekking sites that are sure to provide you with a unique, breathtaking trekking experience. Let’s find out what grabs your interest:

Top 3 Best Treks in the World to Put on Your Bucket List

Himalayan Treks

The Himalaya is a mountain range located in Asia. It’s an ideal place for trekkers wanting to make the most of their holidays. Himalayan trekking is recognized as the best sport adventure among young travel enthusiasts. Kheerganga trek is the only thing that springs to mind when it comes to Himalayan trekking. It’s situated in Himachal Pardesh valley at an altitude of 13,000ft. What sets Kheergana Trek apart from the rest is that you can enjoy the most breathtaking trekking experience without breaking the bank. 

Annapurna Circuit

Known as one of the most beautiful treks on the planet, this ancient trekking site has been open to trekkers and tourists since 1997. Its total length ranges between 100 miles and 145 miles. The key highlights include enjoying sun rise over gigantic peaks at Poon Hill and reach a whopping altitude of 18,000ft at Thorung La Summit Pass. 

Pays Dogon, Mali

A trek in Africa’s most stunning regions can last anywhere between three and ten days and takes in the sky-high cliffs of Bandiagara escarpment ornamented with old abandoned dwellings. Dogon villages are the key highlight of the trekking journey. The Dogon people are known for their distinct appearance, pueblo-like dwellings, masked stilt dancers and intricately carved doors. 

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