Visiting Hokkaido Island


Are you looking for a place in Japan with some breathing space? That place where you don’t have to pull on the air conditioner in the summer or just open the windows because the outside has fresh, fragrant air? If yes, Hokkaido is where you should go. Located in the northern Japan, Hokkaido island is the largest prefecture in the country with over 20% of the country’s landmass.


It measures about 83.5 square kilometers and has so many beautiful spots, which draw a lot of travellers around the globe and also from within Japan. While you are there, you will enjoy the surroundings, the virgin forest, the surf-beaten shores, the pristine lakes and also the wild mountains. This is within reach of towns and cities in Japan.

While visiting the island, you can enjoy some of these activities.


We all want to look at the endless lands at one point in our lifetime. Riding a hot air balloon, brings you high up the sky and get a bird view of the island. Hot air balloons are common in the Tokachi area. When you take these rides, you will wish that you were born a bird to see the vast lands and mountains while soaring to the sky.


Taking rides on ropeways give you a panoramic view of the Hokkaido Island and gives you a feeling like that of walking in the sky. You will enjoy the beautiful scenes from the island like the Taisetsu mountain range, the mighty volcano of the Mount Usu, and the Hakodate night view among others.


Hokkaido has an annual snowfall of up to 45 feet and cold air blowing from Siberia; this air helps to keep the powder dry. Skiing in this island is spectacular because the mountains offer several slopes and trails that are not too crowded.

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Cessna planes and helicopters are used to take tourists on sightseeing flights and let them get a glimpse the suburbs of Sapporo from the above. The flights will also allow you to witness the magnificent view of the Okhotsk area.


You can enjoy riding a horse whenever you feel like. This area is well known for being the most famous in horse producing prefectures. There are several courses that available for you. There is everything for everyone, including those with no experience at all with horses to those who enjoy riding through the forests and woods.


The Hokkaido’s wilderness attracts a lot of birds and humans alike. This activity has been a favorite among the bird enthusiasts for a long time. You can find plenty of them in the lakes, woods, plains and even the wetlands. The combinations of all these birds create a fantastic picture like that of a painting.


This is the second largest and northernmost of Japan’s four  islands. The temperatures in Hokkaido fall below zero. However, during the summer, it does not get hot and humid unlike the other parts of the country.

Hokkaido is the place for most outdoor lovers, including the snowboarders, skiers, campers, cyclists and hikers among other nature lovers. This island is charming, big and has a lot of lovely places.

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