Best Spots To Visit In Malaysia

When it comes to travelling South East Asia, the countries that come to mind first are mainly Thailand or Vietnam. Cleary, these are the true Backpacker centers and a paradise when it comes to budget travelling. In between the main destinations, one country seems to become more and more popular. Malaysia. Located in between Thailand and Singapore, a trip to Malaysia can easily be combined with the typical route through South East Asia. In fact, Malaysia is developing into a true paradise for Backpackers offering both budget accommodation and numerous activities. This guide will present you the best spots the country has to offer.

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Best Spots To Visit In Malaysia

A country full of diversity

What seems to stand out the most, when looking at the best spots to visit in Malaysia is the huge variety. The country offers activities and highlights for any type of Backpacker. Ranging from basic sightseeing in the cities to adventurous hiking or nights at the beach. This does not only ensure an unforgettable time, but as well a diverse trip.

The Top 6 of the best spots in Malaysia

Travelling through Malaysia, Backpackers will quickly notice, that there is a certain route, that leads to all the famous spots. The locations are spread through all the county which allows the travellers to get a good overview of the different regions and landscapes. From jungle to paradise beaches and the city life – Malaysia has it all.

The city of Kuala Lumpur

Probably the start of any Malaysia adventure: Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy the view on the famous Petronas Towers and get lost in the millions of lights in the city by night. Kuala Lumpur is as well the right place for some temple visits. The Batu Cave is the best known, as well as the Chinese Temple south of the city.

The jungle in Tanah Rata

What could be better on a trip to South East Asia than wandering in the jungle? In the center of Malaysia, the small town of Tanah Rata attracts visitors with its giant tea plantations. What is more like a massive tourist attraction, holds as well some unexpected surprises. The tracks in the jungle can be explored in multiple days and offer some quiet time in nature.

The ancient town of Malacca

South of Kuala Lumpur, one town attracts the tourist: Malacca. The ancient town is part of the UNESCO world heritage and therefore a must on any trip around Malaysia. Try the food on the Joker Street, visit the old church and take a ride across the city.

The beaches of Pulau Kapas

Have you ever dreamt of sleeping directly on the beach? Staying on an almost lonely island and just enjoy the silence? A backpacking trip to Malaysia makes the dream turn into reality. Next to the touristic islands of the west coast, a quiet place can be found on Pulau Kapas. The boat leaves from Marang every day and takes you directly into paradise. The campgrounds are incredibly cheap and allow you to cook your own food on site. Plus, the island is the ideal destination for snorkeling. The underwater world of Malaysia does not disappoint and together with the white beaches, the colorful sunsets and some amazing Backpackers from all over the world, Pulau Kapas is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia.

The food center of Georgetown

Georgetown, the town of the peninsula Penang, is considered to be the food capital of Malaysia. Truly, the Malaysian street food is one of the main reasons, why any Backpacker should travel to Malaysia in the near future. In Georgetown there are numerous so-called “food stalls” where you can taste the meals. From basics platters to delicious international food – they offer anything. If you are hungry, this is the place to go.

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The beaches of Langkawi

The island of Langkawi is close to the border of Thailand. Take a boat trip or just rent a scooter and explore the beaches around the island. Langkawi is the right place to enjoy the sun and just relax on the beach.

Malaysia: your next destination?

Malaysia is one of the most attractive destinations to travel for Backpackers. A country with a good infrastructure and some western influence which therefore offers the ideal conditions for travellers. If you are now planning on visiting Malaysia, check the German website Backpackertrail for detailed information about the country, the route and the highlights. The blog posts will give you more insight and help you prepare a trip for a lifetime!

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