Best Tips for Your First Trip to Israel

Israel is an amazing destination and appeals both to those looking for a religious itinerary and to travelers who want cultural, historical and gastronomic experiences. Despite having a small territorial dimension (in four hours on the road it will be possible to travel from end to end), Israel offers several natural landscapes, must-see museums, beautiful beaches, archaeological sites of great importance and, of course, religious routes that are extremely significant for various religions. Not to mention the good cuisine this accompanies tourists throughout the trip. The guided tours in Israel go far beyond Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Therefore, prepare to explore it from end to end.


Main attractions of Israel

1 – Go beyond Jerusalem and visit other regions of the country

Israel is one of those destinations where we can spend a month seeing attractions without repeating any of them. The country has very small dimensions and in just 5 hours it is possible to cross the entire territory from north to south and in an hour from east to west. This makes it irresistible to want to visit several regions and cities on the same trip. And this is exactly what a lot of people do:  Travel all over the country! And there is no reason to limit yourself to Jerusalem. Israel offers several other must-see attractions in regions which are especially interesting for tourists.

2 – Face the crowd on the Way of the Cross / Jerusalem

This is one of the main reasons why so many tourists come to Israel. And even those who travel without a focus on religious tourism end up going there. The Way of the Cross, according to Christian tradition, marks the path taken by Jesus in the moments before his death. The route, within the walled area of ​​Old Jerusalem, has every millimeter of stone floor disputed by travelers. It is a place of prayer and devotion, but also one of the most crowded tourist spots in Israel. Along the way, churches and sacred sites mix with street vendors and street markets. It is not always easy to find the stations that mark the Via Sacra. Keep your eyes open, follow the maps or stick in a group of pilgrims.

3 – Do not give up the queue to visit the Holy Sepulcher / Jerusalem

This is the culmination of the Via Sacra and also the most disputed. The Holy Sepulcher is located inside a large basilica, but the space to visit it is very limited, which generates huge queues! If you want to escape the wait, and don’t mind reversing the order of the Way of the Cross, visit the Holy Sepulcher early in the day, when the lines are much shorter. Then follow the rest of the route.

4 – Try new flavors at street markets / Jerusalem

They are everywhere. The street markets are full of delicious flavors and spices. Among the most popular in the country is the Arab Market in the Old City of Jerusalem. Within the walled region, this market is often found in the middle of the Via Sacra.

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