World’s Most Beautiful Places to Visit

It goes without saying that we all by nature appreciate beautiful things, be it our home, car or any place. Well, if you are a travel enthusiast and wanting to explore more new places, you are at the right place here. We have made a list featuring world’s most beautiful places that are really worth watching. Let’s check them out and see what grabs your attention the most;

Japan Especially in Cherry Blossom Season


Japan isn’t only famous for tech products, but also it’s a great country loaded with breathtaking natural beauty. If you’re thinking to visit Japan during your coming holidays, cherry blossom season is the perfect time when you should visit it.

Cappadocia, Turkey


That’s really biggie! It’s an area in Turkey where you find huge rocks and mountains presenting great scenery that’s no less than a heaven. It’s best known for hot-air balloons that are just superb. Don’t forget to visit this amazing place whenever you come to Turkey.

Krabi, Thailand


If you’re a newly-married couple and thinking about honeymoon, this is the right place to kick off your new life. It’s so close the nature and you can enjoy a great holiday time. It’s home to lots of offshore islands, dense mangrove forests and sheer limestone cliffs. I bet you won’t have any regrets going there.

Bagan, Myanmar


If you are after seeing something really amazing, this ancient city is comprised of thousands of temples and pagodas. You should try hot air balloon at sunrise to have a great view from the sky. There’s so much you can do to get most out of your holiday time.

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Juanita Strang has decided to take a break from the rat race and travel for two years. She is an avid traveler, but first she had to earn enough money to fund her adventure. She was born in America but now lives in Australia with her husband. Together they have three children who are all growing up fast!