Best Places to See in the United States

Thinking to visit United States during your coming holidays? You’re thinking right as there’s so much fun and entertainment you can enjoy to get the most out of your free time. Bearing this in mind, we have made a list featuring some hottest places that are really worth seeing. This post is dedicated to those intending to visit USA for the first time. Below is a list of sine top-rated tourist places you should visit during your stay in the United States. Let’s check them out and see what grabs your interest the most.

Mount Rushmore


If you’re after exploring something really surprising, look no further than Mount Rushmore. It’s a national memorial and a massive sculpture engraved on the Mount Rushmore. This huge landmark features USA presidents Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Roosevelt.

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Mesa Verde


Mesa Verde is no less than a treasure for history enthusiasts wanting to explore the ancient cultures. It’s in Southwest Colorado and best known for its ancestral Peubloan dwellings. You can make your tour that much remarkable by adding this place to your bucket list. The Balcony House alone features 40 rooms, which are accessible by ladder.

Navy Pier


It would be no wrong saying that Navy Pier is a great place from all aspects. It’s home to lots of excellent restaurants, two theaters and Children’s Museum. It’s a complete package for all the family members.

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