Lurento – A Single Source For All Your Luxury Car Renting Needs in Italy & Tuscany

Having trouble finding the right luxury car rental company in Italy? No fuss, it’s a problem with nearly everyone doing it for the first time. Due to a very huge competition, one may be confused with lots of luxury car rental services. I myself have gone through such situation when I was looking for a reliable luxury car rental company.


I tried different companies and unfortunately all of them didn’t do exactly what they advertise. My hunt wouldn’t have stopped if I weren’t referred to Lurento, a leading luxury car rental company in Italy, by one of my old school friends.

Firstly, I didn’t give it any importance and thought they would be no different from those who I’ve tried.  On the continuous insistence of my friend, I decided to give them a chance. Really, they were totally different from what I thought.

They have a very responsive customer support staff. I found them so lenient towards listening to my queries. They have the best, latest luxury cars available at a very reasonable price. I would feel no hesitation in recommending Lurento to anyone wanting to avail the best luxury car rental services.  You can check their Luxury Car Rental Marketplace for more advanced and latest luxury cars.

Here’s what they have to say about their services;

‘’Lurento is a luxury car rental marketplace with the best selection of luxury and sports cars available in many European countries. We offer a wide selection of high-end vehicles you can’t find anywhere else.

Lurento effectively meets all requirements essential for luxury car hire clients. Agile response and detailed information are a fundamental part of our business policy. Our goal is to make the traveling experience of our customers comfortable and effortless.’’

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