Mountain Biking in Oklahoma

Racing, competition, and the thrill of the ride can be some reasons for competitors whom love to be right in the middle of a great race!  We are going to go over some amazing sites for BMX Racing in the state of Oklahoma.

BMX Racing is a distinct type of off-road bicycle racing and these types of racing are actually sprint races in comparison to off-road single lap competitions.

The track usually consists of a starting gate, usually holding around eight racers and the track will hold numerous jumps, as well rollers and of course, a finish line.


BMX Racing in The Yukon BMX Speedway

This speedway racetrack holds a reputation for high adrenaline and excitement in the Yukon area.  The gate on this track run twenty-four feet and eight lanes wide.  Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Now, the very first element in which racers will experience is the first starting hill, which includes some small inclines.  There is even a section within the race track called the Double and this will be the classic BMX jump, which are two hills spread out just enough in regards of making the air one of the wildest lines to the finish line.

Can someone say adrenaline? This is a race where wearing proper equipment like a MTB helmet and gloves are a necessity. So, what are you waiting for, load up the bike and get out there.

BMX Racing Via Sand Springs 

Now, this race track is located in Sand Springs, Oklahoma and is the ideal place to go for high spurts of fun, accompanied with the perfect amount of adrenaline rushes!  An amazing feature of this track is the fact that it’s 100% volunteer run and operated.

There is a section within the track called Practice and this is elementary gate practice techniques, only costing the rider $5.00 to obtain some basic gate skills. This race track is very family oriented and so much fun to be a part of; for it has that family feeling where no one is a loser here! As an added bonus there is night riding here, so don’t forget your bike light.

BMX Racing Via Sooner Pearl BMX Raceway

This track in Oklahoma is one of the older BMX race tracks and first opened in 1987 and still runs today. This race track is appropriate for riders of every ability with so many different size jumps, twists and turns.

This track offers a full day of that “get up and try again” atmosphere and really, it’s a track where many riders go all out. There’s no extreme pressure to be the best, and just having fun is the top priority here at Sooner Pearl BMX Raceway.

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