3 Things You Should Know About Las Vegas Hotels

The hotels are different in Las Vegas in every aspect. There are no rules here and everyone wants a bash here. So they won’t care much about how the hotel serves them. This is why you should mind the following tips to make sure you are getting enough bang for your buck.


Don’t Expect Great Room Service

In a luxury hotel with over 4,000 rooms, it’s a hard to believe why the hotel bothers to say it offers luxury service when it’s not true. Forget luxury, the service won’t be even good. The staff has 4,000 rooms to look for, so you won’t be a priority. Make your peace with that. Luxury service in Las Vegas hotels is just like ordering food on a cruise, crappy service that takes too long. The only difference is, you are paying a hell lot more in Vegas.

Check the Mattress

Doesn’t matter if you are staying at a luxury hotel or a 7 star resort, always check your mattress before going to sleep! Housekeeping services can fail to get the job done because they got thousands of rooms to take care of. Also, people don’t tip as they should, so there is no need to bother. In the end, you have to check the mattress yourself, it will only take a couple of minutes but can save you a lot of trouble.

The Newest Hotels are The Best Ones

The hotels here don’t age well. There is always a push to be the best and exiting but right then comes the big next addition. The opening teams are attracted to the next addition. The point is, everything is tidy and perfectly set in a newly opened hotel. They will give you a better experience than any existing one. Besides, the resort you loved won’t be the same after 5-10 years.

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