How to Keep Your Ring From Falling off in Colder Destinations and Being Too Tight in Warmer Ones

You and your loved one are planning your trip to some far off dreamy destination. You’ve looked at flight prices, accommodation, local foods to try, and sights to see. Maybe you’ve even check what vaccinations you need and if there is the possibility of hurricanes or other weather you need to be aware of before setting off. Well done. You’re more prepared than most.


One thing we never think about though is how our wedding rings are going to fit while traveling.

Ok, this might not be the most important factor to consider, I’ll admit that. That is until you’re traveling in the Alps during winter, skiing without gloves, only to make it down the mountain to realize that your wedding ring has slipped off your finger and is lost forever somewhere in the mountains.

The panic sets in.

What’s going on?

If you notice that your ring seems to get loose during the winter or cold months and warmer in the summer, don’t worry, you are not the only one. For travellers, this applies more to destinations, as your seasons might switch from the warmth of Bali one day to the sub-zero temperatures of Svalbard another. Practically, everyone complains about the same problem, and we finally know the reason- the temperature!

Yes, when the temperature is colder, your finger size tends to shrink, and this leads to the ring that was fitting so well to get very loose. This problem especially exists in people who love bigger rings; weight increases the gravity.

This type of anxiety is enough to kill any vacation mood. So, if you’re already married, planning to propose on holiday, or just don’t want to have to constantly worry about getting your ring resized in the middle of nowhere, consider the following points first.

That way you can worry about surviving the rope swing in New Zealand or the bungee in South Africa instead of losing your symbol of love.


Some considerations

  • Size according to season

The best bet is to buy your ring in spring. You won’t want to get a super tight fitting one since your fingers will tend to swell a bit in summer, but it should fit pretty snugly.

  • Consider alternating hands

Did you know that your hands aren’t equally sized? Your more dominant hand will have slightly larger fingers. If you’re not particular about the hand your wear your ring on, try shopping for a ring that fits your less dominant hand during summer, when it is at its largest. Then, in colder climates, switch it to your dominate hand, which will have shrunk.

  • Other options

Consider including a ring as part of your essential packing list. Made for exactly this reason, you can place it on your finger before wearing your band. It adds a little girth to your finger to prevent your ring from slipping off.

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