How to Buy Lottery Tickets Online While Traveling Abroad

The Lotto Leader Online Lottery Service is straight forward and it offers international playing opportunities. These are Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions, Euro Jackpot, Canadian 6/49, Spanish La Primitiva and Italian SuperEnalotto. It offers both single player and group play campaigns.

 otto Leader

  • Single

Playing single games here is simple as there is a minimum purchase of three ticket lines. Moreover, it offers a few discounts for international travelers with flat subscription, which consist of 6 six months. As a player, you can opt as long as you give.

  • Group Play

Although the single game is simple, the group play is also great but it has some minor issues.  The Lotto Leader Online Lottery Service group play consists of 50 lines with 150 shares. This is something most players are not comfortable with as they can opt for more shares.

  • Bonus and Discounts

This platform offers Happy Hour promotions for its travelling players. Players get a free participation every time they refer a user. The VIP bonus system on other hand earns 1 point per dollar or euro which is spent on these discounts.  This will range between 2% which will start at 251 points and 9% which will go to 5000 points in platinum. This is one off each time a ticket is bough, therefore the information should be clarified.

  • Winning and Getting Your Money

The Lotto Leader Online Lottery Service they change only the handling fee for every ticket purchase. However, it should also be taken into account that the company clearly says in its terms and conditions and with winnings of $10,000 or above, a 10% amount will be deducted from the amount. Plus, there is a $20 for withdrawals as the company also put some charge on the amount transferred.

It all boils down to the fact that Lotto Leader Online Lottery Service is a legit platform for players around the globe. It’s been around for a while and has been paying since day one.


How to Win It

Winning Lotto Leader Online Lottery Service can be tough for anyone, especially for players who are travelling abroad. To help you out, we are giving you the following tips which will dramatically improve your chance of winning. So pay close attention to them

  • Pool money with other players, this is called a lottery syndicate. It means you have more numbers and tickets, this improves your chances of winning. In the end, you will have to share the money with your team members but the cut will be worth it
  • Never pick consecutive numbers, if you play jackpot with 5 winning numbers, the numbers can go up to 55, the numbers should be between 104 and 175. According to survey, it’s proven that most numbers which ends up you winning falls between this ranges
  • To be a winner, you have to be bold enough and play the unpopular games as well. The play less games have a winner, the fewer players, the less competition it is. So better consider every option you have in store

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