Three Reasons to Head Down to Ad?l?id? – Australia

Adelaide, Au?tr?li? is the fifth-largest city in Australia and th? ???it?l city ?f South Au?tr?li?. M??t ?f Adelaide’s tourist ?ttr??ti?n?, ni?? restaurants ?nd ?h??? ?r? l???t?d ?t th? city ??nt?r ?nd there ?r? many activities in Ad?l?id? to keep ??u ?mu??d. If you are l??king f?r ??m? fun ?t th? beach, h??d d?wn t? th? ???ul?r H?nl?? ?r Gl?n?lg beaches ?r driv? up t? th? summit ?f M?unt L?ft? and ?nj?? ??n?r?mi? vi?w? of Adelaide’s city. Climb aboard a full ???l? m?d?l ?f a ??iling ketch ?t th? South Au?tr?li?n M?ritim? Museum or check ?ut the great ??ll??ti?n of animals in th? Ad?l?id? Z??. N?v?rth?l???, whatever ??u d?, Ad?l?id? is a vibr?nt, b??utiful, bright and ?l??n ?it? f?r you t? ?x?l?r? so book your flight and get down to the city of churches sooner rather than later.


Below are our three reasons to head down to Adelaide.

  1. Ad?l?id? Zoo

Home t? ?v?r 1800 ?nim?l? and th? ????nd-?ld??t z?? in Au?tr?li?, Ad?l?id? Z?? is ?n? ?f th? more popular Ad?l?id? t?uri?t attractions. H?r? is where ??u ??n see Australian rain-forest birds, Sum?tr?n tig?r? ?nd ?him??nz??? and rare species in?luding S?uth Au?tr?li?’? own yellow-footed r??k wallaby ?nd the red panda.

  1. B?t?ni? G?rd?n?

Ad?l?id? B?t?ni? Gardens i? ?n elegant f?rm?l g?rd?n wh?r? ??u ??n see gi?nt w?t?r lili??, an int?rn?ti?n?l rose g?rd?n, M?r?t?n B?? fig trees, du?k ponds and ??r?? ?f gr??n lawns. The Bicentennial C?n??rv?t?r?, ??uth?rn h?mi??h?r?’? l?rg??t gl??? h?u?? i? h?m? t? th? species of the l?w l?nd r?in f?r??t such as th? t?r?h ging?r and ?????w?r? ??lm. C?t?h th? fr?? guid?d t?ur th?t l??v?? from the S?h?mburgk Pavilion ?t 10:30am every m?rning.

  1. Gl?n?lg b???h

Glenelg i? a ???ul?r beach-side t?uri?t destination located on th? long sandy white ?h?r?? of H?ldf??t Bay in Gulf St Vin??nt, 10km from the h??rt ?f Ad?l?id?. Gl?n?lg i? h?m? to dozens of r??t?ur?nt?, h?t?l? and a vibrant nightlife. Y?ur family will ?lw??? b? ?nt?rt?in?d with its abundance ?f d?l?hin? ?nd ???l?, Mu??um?, galleries, Heritage w?lk? and v?ri?u? beach activities.

Enjoy your trip to Adelaide and we are sure that it will be a city that you will return to.

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