Problems while trying to get Canada eta.

The electronically operated processes often have to face a number of issues. These problems do not only create difficulty for the companies, they also become headache for the customers. Similarly, the Canada ETA also has to face many issues and others are the issues that are faced by the people while applying for ETA. If Canada has this policy of ETA, it is pretty clear that there is a good reason behind it. However, this policy has brought a number of problems for many people out there.


  • According to the website of Canadian Government, they are facing some issues in their systems. Due to these problems, they cannot entertain certain nationalities in getting an ETA and are trying to resolve this issue. With certain nationalities, they meant Israeli Applicants because they are the ones who could not get the electronic Travel Authorization. Moreover, the US citizens and travelers who still have the valid visa and the British travelers who have the dual nationality are exempted from the ETA requirement.
  • The next problem with ETA application online is that before registration you need to have a passport or any travel document that is still valid, the credit card, and an email address.
  • The other issue that is not liked by the people is that you can apply for one person at a time. What if your entire family needs an ETA? Yes, you have to repeat the process every time you have to authorize a new member. Therefore, it is extremely time consuming.
  • In the previous day, it was possible for British people to arrive Canada whenever they wanted to. However, now they have to prove that they have enough resources to stay in Canada.
  • Because the authorization is linked to your passport electronically, you need to travel with your passport wherever you go. You will be screened before you enter Canada so cannot hide the fact that your passport is not with you!
  • Canada is a very friendly country but it does have strict rules and regulations for the criminals and they never welcome such people. According to the policies of ETA, you cannot get the authorization if you have a criminal record. If you have ever committed any crime, as minimum and small as drinking while driving, you will get refusal as an answer while applying for ETA. In order to get ETA even if you have a criminal record, you have to contact Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) or Criminal Rehabilitation. You may also contact the immigration lawyer in order to get an alternate way to reach Canada.

Moreover, you will also be rejected and will not get the ETA if you have any health issue. So, you may not apply if you have any disease or health problem because giving them wrong information can get you in big trouble. The same is the case for the security issues.

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