What Test Do I Need For Travel to the UK?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, affecting all walks of life. Now, it’s mandatory for everyone to undergo specific tests before and after entering any foreign country. This blog post contains information about the tests you may be required to undergo before and after arriving in the UK. Let’s check them out below:

What Test Do I Need For Travel to the UK

Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Testing

Rapid antigen test is a COVID-19 diagnostic test that doesn’t require a laboratory to analyze results. Therefore, rapid antigen test results arrive faster than the PCR test results. It is performed through a throat or nasal swab, which is then placed into a special liquid solution to detect the presence of proteins. Zero protein presence means the person isn’t infected with COVID-19. 

The Day 2 and 8 COVID-19 Tests

Where you have been in ten days before arriving in the UK determines your testing requirements. The green, amber, and red list rules for traveling to the UK list territories and countries as either green, amber, or red and describe the next course of action if you have been in any of those territories or countries. It is mandatory for anyone traveling from amber and green list countries to take the day 2 test. People coming from amber list countries and territories that are not exempt from day 8 and quarantine tests are required to take Day 8 test.

Fit to Fly COVID Test

The Fit to Fly Covid Test or Certificate shows that you’ve undergone all the necessary COVID-19 tests before your journey by ship, car, plane, or train.  To acquire this certificate, you’re required to bring your National ID, Travel Document, or Passport to your appointment. If your test result is negative, they will email your certificate along with your test results to your email address. So, make sure you provide the right, accurate email address when registering with the UK government.

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