Good Earth and Better People Loxahatchee Community

Another exciting attraction in the vicinity of Loxahatchee

Most people come to the Loxahatchee Fl because they want to have their own little piece of one the last rural communities in the US. These people mostly do not care about extensive infrastructure and the other luxuries associated with city life and therefore they are more than content with the things which are offered by Loxahatchee. The longer they live in this small community the more surprised they are by the large number of superb tourist attractions which are located within the boundaries of this little community or which are in the immediate vicinity of Loxahatchee. One such attraction is the Good Earth Farm which has an interesting history. The property was purchased by the owners in 1998 and initially they had no plans to go into farming. They only wanted to enjoy the quietness of the area but because they are a large family they eventually started to grow some vegetables for private use. This garden was slowly expanded with each passing year and eventually in 2004 a friend of the family offered to purchase some of these vegetables. This led to a situation when they started to reconsider their original plans. Eventually after much research and planning they stumbled upon the idea of community supported agriculture and this eventually led to the Good Earth Farm idea.

The tremendous growth of this project

Their community supported agriculture projects started with only 13 members in 2006 and by 2014 it has grown to 275. From the start there has been a tremendous focus on the conservation of the environment and this required farming technologies which took the sensitive ecology of the area into account. Their focus has consistently been on organic farming and they attended a very large number of courses and seminars in order to ensure that they become properly educated in this particular field of agriculture. A lot of education came through the reading of many books on the subject and also with a lot of online training. They have comprehensively proven that it is not critical to have a background in agriculture in order to make a success of a farming endeavor. This venture has provided the family with the opportunity to confine themselves to their farming project without the necessity to seek employment elsewhere which allowed them to become very united as a family and as partners in this project.

An important service to their community

The Good Earth Farm project has allowed this people to become effective contributors to their community and this also helped them to form strong relationships with the entire community who has been actively supporting them over the years. It is not always been easy because an intensive farming process often requires very long hours in order to ensure that all of the critical elements has been attended to. However with proper management success could be achieved as this project has comprehensively proven over the years. Good Earth Farm has become one of the most remarkable success stories in the Loxahatchee community and this has proven once again that even in a small rural community there are many people that accomplish amazing things and they are role models not only to the local community but to people all over the globe.

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