Is there a Fast Way to Get Fit-to-Fly COVID-19 Test in the UK?

Getting that all important travel certificate can be a painful process, requiring multiple visits to the doctor & multiple tests to ensure accuracy. It’s an expensive, time-consuming hassle. And if you forget to book in time, there’s not much you can do about it.

The shortest and fastest way to get your antigen lateral flow test results and travel certificates is with Official Rapid Tests, the UK’s fastest and most trusted testing provider.  No matter whether you need a fit to fly COVID test or an antigen test for travel, they can help.


Why is the Fit-to-Fly COVID-19 Test Required before Departure?

Many airlines and countries are enforcing Fit-to-Fly COVID-19 tests and Fit-to-Travel health forms to prevent infecting others as operations slowly resume and economies recover. These documents show that travelers received a negative COVID test from an approved medical professional before traveling. Depending on the destination and airline, travelers normally have up to 96 hours before departing to complete the test.

Official Rapid Tests: Why Choose Them?

Are you experiencing delays in receiving your test results? What if you don’t receive all the results you need during your trip? No time to wait around for results coming from the lab back home?

You can get all your tests done by Official Rapid Tests, who are the UK’s fastest & most trusted provider, with results and certificates posted to you within 15 minutes of the test being completed.

Official Rapid Tests make it easy and convenient for you to rapidly obtain your required travel health tests whether you’ve left home or abroad.

The Official Rapid Tests gets you the results that you and your loved ones need fast so that you and your loved ones can be treated, preventing further spread and helping stop the outbreak from spreading.

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