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Faro is a very popular point for tourists who visit Portugal. The beautiful shores of the Algarve fascinate many tourists who are looking for a natural tan. Faro is also an excellent jump off point to sightsee other areas of Spain and Portugal. Of course, the beach town, and the Algarve are popular, but still tourists can get to many other cities, even the neighboring countries, for a day trip. The city is well connected with other interesting locations by transit, and this allows to visit other places in a one-day trip.

If you plan to add some culture to your vacation, why not include a few days in Faro to your trip?
Getting to Faro from Lisbon by car
The exciting journey from Lisbon to Faro typically takes 2 hours and 45 minutes and is 280km when traveling by the A2 road. Remember that the A2 road is a toll road, and it may push the travel costs up significantly. Therefore, if you are travelling alone or with just one person, you may find it easier and cheaper to use the bus or train.
However, for a more interesting road trip, using a car is highly recommended. Driving gives you an option of traveling via the Alentejo wine region and Evora.
There are also some flights which fly directly to Faro from Lisbon, but they cost approximately 160€ for a one-way ticket. Flights can take about 45 minutes, but using a car is cheaper and even quicker when considering the check-in time as well as the transportation to the airport.
If you cannot drive your own car, you can use car rental from Lisbon to Faro.
Spots to eat and rest during the trip
A road trip to Faro will allow you to experience the rich culture of Portugal and a couple of places to stop at during the trip include:
The Algarve might be Portugal’s most common holiday destination, but tourists who love wine can find the Alentejo very interesting to visit. It is Portugal’s go-to southerly province. It is even a great spot for tourists who love a quiet life.
You can taste red blends, contemporary labels and many more over there.

Praça do Giraldo
The Praça do Giraldo in Evora is the primary central plaza of the city as well as the city’s center. The environment is lined by beautiful samples of 16th-century Gothic structural design with the unsophisticated Igreja de Santo Antao, which stands at the end of the square.
Praça do Giraldo is a place for tourists to come for a soothing drink during the trip or to try tasty food and wine when the sun sets.

Among the broad network of roads, the road trip guarantees the perfect towns, the good cell coverage, and large lively cities, the color and texture, the cheap and tasty wine, the perfect surfing, the starry skies, the empty beaches, and many more. Just get in your car and drive.
Using a personal car or car rental from Lisbon to Faro will guarantee the perfect road trip.

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