Visit Port Arthur, Tasmania

Port Arthur, a place where history erupts from the walls and rise out of the grounds of the ancient structures. Originally a penal settlement, Port Arthur was primarily built by the prison labor force. The convict heritage is always evident in this city, from the attractively preserved buildings constructed by the inmates to the masses of graves of the captive men and women. You can arrange a historical tour of Port Arthur through

This rich heritage along with the beauty of the region that has turned Port Arthur Tasmania’s premier tourist site. A historically significant accolade to the early settlers of Australia that takes you back to the old times in a chilling and intriguing way.


Pulling in visitors since the early 1900’s, this Port Arthur Historic Site has been the biggest attraction till date. This attraction site has been conserved as a cultural artifact, a vestige of our convict past that was so wicked, yet so essential to the emergence of Australia.

Over thirty ruins and old edifices of forty hectares are set in rolling green gardens, where you can take an informative guided trip, or just wander about them at your free will. The Penitentiary is the biggest and most striking ruin.

However, the separate prison, where prisoners were punished with solitary captivity, is easily the most suiting. You can also take a walk through the commandant’s residence, the church, the hospital and the dockyards, and visit the museum which is in the old asylum.

The best way to enhance your historical convict experience at nights is to take a historic ghost tour around the site. The structures and surroundings take on an ominous feel in the dark, and the storytelling from the guide as you take a stroll around the jail, and the church will give you a lot of chilly goosebumps.

 Even though you may not see ghosts, the forbidding and gloomy air of the Historic Site at dusk will raise a few hairs and give you some spooky memories! Another suiting trip to the past will be a visit to the Isle of the Dead, a small island situated just offshore. More than 1100 convicts and free men were buried on this island in the mid-1800’s, and a tour around the headstones will leave with you a captivating and morbid perception of the times past.

The unique legendary history of Port Arthur is just one of the qualities that make it a great place to visit. Surrounded by thick dark rainforest vegetation and rugged landscapes, its location is on the spectacular Tasmanian Peninsula.

 Its high cliffs, lovely ocean views, and great geological formations in contrast with the dark convict history provide depth in the region that stuns visitors. The battered coastline clearly showcases the power of the sea, and the scene is breathtaking.

 Just six Kilometers from the Historic Site is the Remarkable Cave, an incredible cavity in the coastal rock wherein the waves crash and echo in a mesmerizing manner. There are other examples of the sculpted coastline around, and there is a four or five-hour walk that starts in the cave and goes to Crescent Bay where you can see these features and more.

The appealing landscapes of the Tasmanian Peninsula registered on the National Estate provide a load of activities that visitors can choose. There are safe beaches to swim for relaxing with the family, and there are also beaches with roaring surf conditions that keep your adrenaline pumped all day. If you enjoy beaches a lot, then you can hire sea kayaks to check out the white beaches and also the rocky inlets of the coast while paddling around.

Horseback rides are readily available and a perfect way of viewing the countryside at a relaxed pace. Fishing is also a known history with the locals and visitors alike. Most people camp on the shorelines of Fortescue Bay, where the smooth water harbors different varieties of fishes, and where it is also safe to swim and paddle around. It’s never lonely here as it is one of the most popular places in the region.

Educating, Fun and Nostalgic are the best terms to describe Port Arthur, Tasmania. Visit soon and get this experience firsthand and while at it, don’t leave family and friends behind. They deserve it too.

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