Discover Athens – Tips for Tourists

As in many countries in Europe, traveling in Greece may be more expensive than planned. Athens itself is not among the most expensive cities in the world, but knowing where to stay in Athens and what to do in the city can make a difference for those who need to Discover Athens.


3 to 4 days in Athens are needed to discover the main tourist attractions and staying well located is the best way to spend less, even more so because it is super quiet walking to the vast majority of sights or even using the metro which is cheap and very good.

Athens is one of the most surprised cities all the way around the world, mainly because it is such an organized and easy place for tourists. It is very easy to spend your days without having to use public transport in Athens, because the great majority of the main attractions, such as the Parthenon and other monuments of Greek history, are very close to the center, which itself is worth a walk, with several bars, restaurants and shops of all kinds.

For those who need to economize, staying a bit out of the center is ideal. The Soho Hotel is a good option, as the neighborhood is not suitable for unaccompanied tourists. It is a 5-minute walk from the center of Athens. The hotels and central hostels, although much more expensive, are in the best region of the city.

To visit the main sights of Athens, it will certainly takes between 2 and 3 days. All the attractions included are in the central region, there is great chance to walk among the little streets and explore what to do in Athens. There are more than one tourist attractions, among old buildings and museums.

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