If you love the great outdoors, there are few better ways to enjoy nature than a well- planned camping trip. Being immersed in nature 24 hours a day is truly one of the best ways to relax and get away from it all.


Bad planning, though, can tarnish a potentially amazing experience, so follow these steps to make every camping trip a stellar one.

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(1) Research and choose the right location. Pay attention to details, especially things like the weather at the time of year you’ll be camping, the amenities available at the camp site, the fees you’ll have to pay for the site, and how much it will cost to get to your chosen location.


You’ll also want to make sure there are lots of things to do or see near your chosen camping location.

(2) make sure you have your camp site reserved. The most popular camping locations are often fully booked months or even years in advance, and it would be a sad thing indeed to trek all the way out to the perfect camping spot only to find all the camp sites are taken.

Call ahead and make reservations to avoid this kind of camping disappointment.

(3) Make a thorough, thoughtful list of things you’ll need. Try to think ahead and research the hazards of your chosen location to get a good idea of what you might encounter.

No matter what the season, there is always a chance of bad weather, so include the right clothing on your list. Be sure to bring a first aid kit in case of injuries.

Don’t forget to bring fun items like books and cameras, and, of course, make sure to include food items or money for buying food once you’re there. Don’t forget your backpacks, which come in handy when hiking.

(4) Pack carefully, using your list. It’s there specifically so you don’t forget anything important, so don’t think that just making the list is enough. Use it as a checklist and only check items off once they’re actually packed.


Don’t take things back out of your luggage after you’ve checked them off. Make sure you also have a list that includes the different luggage items and each piece of equipment and check items off as they go into your vehicle.

(5)Make sure your maps are as recent as possible, and re-check your planned travel route before you leave. Listen to the radio and check other sources of information that will help you stay up to date with things like roadwork and accidents.

(6)Once you’re at your chosen location, set up thoughtfully — and take the time to relax! Don’t let mishaps or detours get you down. You’re going camping to get away from it all, so remember that if you do a good enough job of planning, you can safely let yourself leave your worries behind.


Camping is truly a great way to get back in touch with yourself and with anyone you take with you. Spending time in a natural setting is also scientifically proven to improve your state of mind. However, you do need to do some planning to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re out there in the outdoors — so follow the above tips and have a great trip!

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