BALI! An Amazing Tourist Attraction Spot

Bali Is located between two countries of Asia and Australia. Republic of Indonesia is a south Asian country and the largest island territory known as “thousand island state”. Most famous island to visit in Indonesia are Sumatra, Java, Bali and Komodo to the middle of Indonesia. Bali is a popular island of Indonesia that combines with green terraces and long tropical beaches. You can check more information on tourfrombali.


Bali is the town of Ubad, away from main streets you will find little ways like narrow, walkways cast and ditches cut on every side because of tropical climate, plants grow and weeds sprout in every corner. The traditional homes of Bali is like a giant courtyard line the sides. The best known dive area of Bali Is Palau Menjagan that is good for divers and swimmers where you can expect tropical fishes, clear water and underwater cliffs, and is located in Taman National Bali Barat Park.

The village of Munduk is one of the Bali’s most famous mountain retreats, and set among hillsides that is covered with rice, coffee and fruit plantation. Waterfalls support off precipices and there are great hiking opportunities around Lake of Danau Tamblingan. Bali finest restaurant is Blossom that has highly decorated and creative in global menu, must try the mango-shiro with mandarians salt.

At night, hundreds of candles lighting around the outdoor tables in living room while dinner, the decoration represents the Bali’s colonial posh and the menu shows the French classic and Asian flair. Public transport are always available by minibuses, you can also hire a car at airport for visiting this beautiful place but sometimes roads are busy so taxi is the best option and reliable to save your time. The best seasons to visit this amazing place is the month of June and September as the weather is moderate in these months. You can also check more information on tourfrombali about tourist guide, packages and customize your trip easily.

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