Revolution of Kingaluc ACP ACM Products in Commercial and Residential Facades

Market discovers the advantages of aluminum compound and MA plates become constant on the facades of various types of establishments.


The construction and architecture, along with design professionals, has specialized increasingly in the use of new technologies and the application of materials that meet the needs of a new way of doing both commercial facades as residences. At the same time, seek modernity, durability and beauty to the developed projects. Many substrates are used in this sense, but due to the characteristics of the ACM (Aluminum Composite Material), this product has emerged and revolutionized the market as the best solution in the innovation of lay outs, for its versatility and excellent finish. With great variety of finishes, the Kingaluc ACP ACM Products meets the tastes and audiences. Within the portfolios, you can find a wide range of colors, textures and even wood imitation.

There are some advantages that the aluminum panels have brought to the construction process:

The agility of assembly

During different work stages, such as the installation of window frames and the facade cladding, are carried out simultaneously since, in most cases, the window manufacturer itself applies the aluminum panels.


The frequent cleaning as for maintenance

Avoid the use of alkaline, acidic or abrasive products. In other words, use the same procedure performed with glass for aluminum composite panels. According to the manufacturers, this is the “secret” for aluminum panels to retain their initial appearance for longer. During the design phase, you should predict how the surfaces will behave in terms of airborne dirt retention – horizontal and sloping surfaces accumulate more dirt. Rain must also be allowed to behave as a cleaning agent, guiding the way of the water in order to concentrate and drain the dirty water, instead of allowing it to drain and dry on the panels.

Finally, provision should be made for forms of periodic access that do not damage panels. Use the same procedure performed for the aluminum composite panels.

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