Air Cargo in Dubai – Making Exchange of Goods Easier


With the soaring world developments and globalization, cross-border business endeavors and multi-national business ventures are gaining momentum with every passing instant. The changed landscape of the world after globalization has altered the process of business as well as trade – increasing the demand for new methods of communication and exchange of goods. So, here comes…

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The Portuguese Language: The Last Flower of Latium


World famous Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes once called the Portuguese language ‘the sweet and gracious language’ and Spanish play-writer Lope de Vega named it ‘sweet’ as well, while the Brazilian poet Olavo Bilac poetically described Portuguese as ‘a última flor do Lácio, inculta e bela” (the last flower of Latium, rustic and beautiful). Portuguese…

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Start Your Own Event Planning Business


Have you ever attended a great event such as a wedding, a “milestone” party or even a corporate convention and tell yourself what an absolutely great time you had? Then you start to think about whom it was that put together such a great time and how did they do that? The only way that…

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