Cargo Insurance: Understand the Importance and Its Modalities

Cargo Insurance Understand the Importance and Its Modalities

The cargo insurance consists of a policy, which can be hired by the cargo owner, the carrier or standalone driver. Its main objective is to guarantee more safety to your business, covering all possible risks in locomotion of goods, such as: Damage to cargo caused by accidents with the carrier vehicle; Robbery and theft; Losses…

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How to Apply for a Canadian Visa


If you have decided to visit Canada for any reason, you will have to obtain a Canadian visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization. Both options require filling out a lot of paperwork. Gathering the required documents and submitting a visa application can be time-consuming and even a bit confusing if you have never applied for…

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Tested and Tried Tips for Finding a Job in Dubai


Having trouble finding a job in Dubai? Are you on the lookout for the best jobs in Dubai? We’ve got you covered. You need to follow the right instructions to secure a job. Bearing this in mind, we have gathered some important points/tips that will certainly go a long toward getting a job in Dubai….

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Tips on Planning a Countryside Wedding


Tying the knot with the love of your life in the countryside with lush green grass, gorgeous flowers and overwhelmingly beautiful landscapes all around you – that is the dream, isn’t it? Many of us want to escape the bustling city for a quiet and peaceful wedding in the countryside. You are already having all…

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How To Prepare To Go Camping


Camping is staying away from your home in a natural area. If you don’t spend at least a single night away from home, it cannot be considered camping. Campers usually stay in a caravan, a tent or a van. Camping is a recreational activity. It’s for those people who love to sleep under the stars,…

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Tips to Buy Your Own Bungalow Safely in Gran Canaria


The purchase of bungalows Gran Canaria is one of the financial decisions that most compromise the budget and, therefore, should be well evaluated. Anyone who is going to buy a financed property can commit up to 30% of their income for a period of up to 30 years. If a person earns $5,000 per month,…

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