Tips on Planning a Countryside Wedding

Tying the knot with the love of your life in the countryside with lush green grass, gorgeous flowers and overwhelmingly beautiful landscapes all around you – that is the dream, isn’t it? Many of us want to escape the bustling city for a quiet and peaceful wedding in the countryside. You are already having all types of feelings along with the wedding planning anxiety. Nothing like the serenity of the countryside to calm you down!

There are gazillion things to look after while planning a wedding. Here are just a few tips to consider when planning a perfect countryside wedding.


The Wedding Dress/Suit

For all you brides, this may be the first thing you start planning on and of course, you need to look beyond beautiful. You are the center of attraction, so all eyes must be on you. Same goes for the grooms! Start hunting for the ideal outfits early enough, it may take a while for you to find “The one.” Brides, you have the bridesmaid gowns to finalize too.

The Venue

These days, you have got everything from commercial wedding venues to family owned exclusive wedding venues such as the venue near to Towcester. The place should match the theme you are planning to go with and well, it should be love at first sight for you! Don’t settle when it comes to the venue. This is one of the most important events of your life and it needs to be perfect. A pretty outdoor is a must for a wedding in the countryside but there may be a night or two when you would like an indoor intimate dinner. Thus, make sure the venue has got outdoor as well as indoor facilities.

If this is a countryside destination wedding, your guests need to be accommodated too. Thus, look for a venue with a comfortable accommodation or close to a hotel/bed and breakfast, depending on how many guests you would be inviting.

The Décor

After choosing the right venue, you have to figure out how to decorate it. The countryside would give the wedding an aura already but the type of flowers, and the lighting also matter. Perhaps hang a few fairy lights through the trees outside, light a few candles in the entrance or even dazzle up the dance floor with multicolored lights. Usually, the venue owners would look into this once you have provided your suggestions. The décor of the wedding would also have to match the theme of the wedding so choose appropriately.

The Catering

The food served at your wedding adds to the whole wedding environment. The venue you choose may come with their caterers or you may have to bring in caterers from outside. Whichever way you choose, the catering style needs to be remarkable. If you plan on an elegant white tie, you could serve some of the best wines from around the world or a casual wedding can simply have champagne.

Your special day has to go flawless. Thus, here are just a few things you must look into while organizing a wedding in the countryside.

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