Snorkeling in Sinai: Exploring the Crystal Clear Waters Off the Coast of Sharm El Sheikh

Situated along the northern coast of the Red Sea lies the beautiful beach town of Sharm El Sheikh. Famous for its azure waters and vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, this Egyptian resort is a top destination for snorkeling enthusiasts from around the world. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the best spots to snorkel directly from the shore and provide tips on gear rental, tours, and escursioni a sharm el sheikh prezzi to help you make the most of your underwater adventures.

Snorkeling in Sinai

Ras Um Sid

Located just north of Naama Bay, Ras Um Sid is one of the most popular snorkeling sites near Sharm El Sheikh due to its accessibility. Simply wade into the crystal clear waters right from the public beach and float above vibrant coral gardens and colorful reef fish. The reef topography here creates many nooks and crannies to explore. Escursioni a sharm el sheikh prezzi for snorkeling gear rental are very reasonable at around 50 EGP for a full day, allowing you to enjoy this site independently.

Nabq Protectorate

For a more pristine snorkeling experience, head south to Nabq National Park. Here you’ll find protected reefs and waters that see far fewer visitors than Ras Um Sid. The 30-minute drive is worth it to experience the reefs in near solitude. While independent snorkeling is possible, it’s best to join an organized snorkeling tour for around 150 EGP to access additional sites within the protectorate like Mushroom Rock and Dolphin Reef. Tours provide gear, transportation, and guides to point out marine life.

Ras Mohammed National Park

Voted one of the top dive sites in the world, Ras Mohammed offers world-class snorkeling but requires more effort to access. About an hour south of Sharm El Sheikh, most visitors opt to join a full-day snorkeling tour for around 250 EGP including lunch, gear, and park entry fees. Highlights include colorful coral gardens and the chance to spot larger creatures like sea turtles. For advanced snorkelers, strong swimmers can explore more remote bays independently but it’s best to go with a guide for safety in the open waters.

Tips for an Amazing Snorkeling Experience

In addition to choosing the right sites, follow these tips to maximize your snorkeling adventure in Sinai. Be sure to use good quality equipment and adjust your mask and fins properly. Apply sunscreen before entering the water and bring water/snacks. Maintain respectful distances from marine life. Check weather and water conditions before venturing out. Consider taking a quick refresher lesson if you’re new to snorkeling. And most importantly, relax and let the stunning underwater scenery unfold before you! With the right, you’re sure to have memorable encounters with the sea life of the Red Sea.

Top Marine Life Sightings

Some of the most common and exciting marine creatures you may spot include schools of angelfish, butterflyfish and chromis darting through the corals. Keep an eye out for moray eels, lionfish and octopuses hiding in the reefs. Other highlights include spotted eagle and green sea turtles gracefully gliding past. With luck, you may even see reef sharks, dolphins or small whale sharks in the waters further offshore. The diversity of life never fails to astound even experienced snorkelers exploring the reefs of Sharm El Sheikh.

Planning Your Snorkeling Trip

To plan the perfect snorkeling trip to Sharm El Sheikh, start by booking your accommodation at one of the beachside hotels or resorts. Most offer on-site gear rental and tours. Research escursioni a sharm el sheikh prezzi online in advance and read reviews to choose the best options for your interests and budget. All necessary gear like masks, snorkels, fins and exposure suits can usually be rented for under 100 EGP per day. Multi-site tours provide the most value if you only have limited time. With the right preparation, you’re sure to fall in love with the underwater world just offshore from this Red Sea paradise.

In conclusion, snorkeling is one of the top activities in Sharm El Sheikh thanks to the abundance of marine life and pristine reefs found just offshore. With escursioni a sharm el sheikh prezzi, one can easily access unforgettable snorkeling adventures independently or through organized tours. Follow the tips provided to make the most of exploring the crystal clear waters and discovering the hidden beauty beneath the surface.

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