Tips For Travelers to South Korea

While being away from our own culture, the more challenging may be to plan a trip. Whether it’s the language barrier or the long flight, going to South Korea seems like a distant destination to many. However, taking a trip there is easier than you think. To assist you in drawing up a script I share some tips.


  1. Rent a wi-fi pocket

Ever heard of the pocket wi-fi? It functions as a portable router that captures the 4G signal and distributes it to the devices you connect. Better to contract the service before travel and pick the device after arrival. With the internet you can use Google maps, Skype, consult prices and train routes through Korail, among many other utilities.

  1. Meet the KR Pass

If you are planning a trip to South Korea, acquiring the KR Pass has many benefits. The pass enables the carrier to travel through all of the country’s rail networks operated by Korail, including KTX (fast train) lines within a fixed period of one, three, five, seven or 10 days. If you are traveling in a group of up to five people and everyone will follow the same itinerary.

  1. Download the subway maps

There are more than subways. Better to use All Subway app for iOS which is fantastic to have the subway maps of the main cities as well as the railway lines. Another interesting tip is to download the maps.

Associated with the internet, the maps in the cell phone are practical and can promote interaction through the calculation of routes, schedules and the situation of the subway system. However, do not use only digital maps, they may fail. Always have the good paper map available.

When we plan a trip I have several guides, tips, suggestions for you. I also offer guidance for travel in Seoul, South Korea.

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