Top Key West Beaches in Florida

The Florida Keys are the unique, mesmerizing and amazing visiting place attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. There are many beaches present there which have their own characteristics and charm. Some have blue and shallow water while many others have green and deep water. Water sports and ocean activities have made Key West a next level place for adventure and entertainment. The majority of the beaches are present on the south side of the island near the Atlantic ocean. Snorkeling, swimming, jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking and fishing charters are some exciting adventures one can do in the crystal waters of the beaches. Here are the top beaches where you can plan and enjoy your vacations.

Smathers Beach

It’s the largest and the most beautiful beach situated on Roosevelt Boulevard. In order to increase the entertainment level, the beach authority brought sand from Bahamas which soothes the feet while walking on the cool and wet sand. Youngsters and children can enjoy equally as there are number water sports activities are available there. Vendors are everywhere on the beach who offer umbrellas, chairs, swimming and snorkeling equipment at the reasonable rent. The beach is open for the tourists from 6am to 11pm.


Sandspur Beach

The amazing beach is present in Bhaia Honda State Park which has shallow and clear water due to the presence of natural reefs. Kayaks and snorkeling are the main activities on the beach while its characteristics make it perfect for the families. Bike paths, children parks, pizza huts and the availability of various washrooms increase the comfort level and boost the fun as well.

Dry Tortugas National Park

It’s the best choice for those who love quietness and peace of mind as the park is surrounded by the island water. Usually, travelers choose snorkeling to reach the park, which also lets them watch unbelievable sea creatures like leatherback sea turtles, shoals, mesmerizing reefs and sea habitat.

Sombrero Beach

The deep water of Sombrero Beach attracts the expert swimmers and to those who want to practice and polish their skills in the deep water. Unlike other beaches, it’s not good for families and children as there are no lifeguards. However, the beach management is trying to increase the facilities and has recently made washrooms and cafes to reduce the problems of the visitors. March and April are the best months to visit the beach as the temperature remains normal while many sport organizations conduct friendly volleyball matches in the playgrounds.

Calusa Beach

The gorgeous Calusa Beach is teemed with various kinds of fishes, reefs and captivating picnic points. Its located amidst of Big Pine Key and Marathon. The security arrangements and other facilities appeal families to visit it while the beautiful view of the sea, calm water and marine life make it safe and entertaining for children.


Key West beaches have fun for everyone regardless of age, nationality and culture. The culture, restaurants, bars and natural beauty attract and pursue every tourist and they wish to visit it again in the next vacations.


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