The Impact of Hotel Reviews on the Hospitality Industry [Infographic]

Not yet paid attention to online reviews about your hotel? It’s time to shift your focus and remind yourself that online reviews matter.


97.7% consumers read hotel reviews online from other travellers while making decisions regarding their accommodation. That is something you cannot ignore as a hotelier. In today’s digital age, holiday planners give a lot of importance to what is being talked about your hotel online.

They trust these online sources much more than any marketing efforts from your end. There has been a positive trend in potential guests referring to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and review websites like never before.

Consider this scenario. A potential guest looks for a hotel in your area on Google. If you do not have a solid website backed by sound SEO techniques, hotel reviews about you will pop up in the top results. The person will immediately come across a review wrote by a former guest about their experience with your hotel.

Google gives a high priority to review websites like TripAdvisor and Expedia when it comes to search rankings. So, you can imagine how hotel reviews can make or break your case.

An unpleasant review in this case will have a negative impact on the potential guest’s booking decision. It goes without saying that the customer will choose your competitor, especially the one having a five star review. This is how online hotel reviews can impact your hotel business.

Social media channels also play a role when it comes to booking decisions. Hoteliers can make use of these channels to interact with customers and manage their feedback.

More will be covered by the infographic below, which will talk about how hotel reviews and social media affect the hospitality industry. It also covers why and how should hoteliers respond to such reviews.


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